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Our Current 2023 Course Offerings

To sign up for upcoming Simulation in AI and Fundamentals of Corporate Practices classes, click the sign-up button. 

To sign up for Simulation Overview and Visual Systems click the links provided.

  • AVT 101: Simulation Overview

    June 13-16 (VIRTUAL)
    July 11-14
    September 12-15
    November 7-10 (VIRTUAL)

  • AVT 202: Visual Simulation

    May 9-12
    August 1-4
    October 3-6

  • ST 101: AI in Simulation

    August 9-11
    November 1-3

  • LAW 101: Fundamentals of Corporate Practices

    August 23-24
    October 18-19


How we can help you grow in our industry?

Our courses offer a groundbreaking curriculum, they are taught by seasoned leaders with real-world experience in modeling and simulation.

Our series of four-day courses provide a sequenced learning experience, starting with simulation overview and transitioning into multi-faceted and increasingly complex concepts.

Our courses are for anyone who wants to learn about modeling and simulation. Our students range from beginners in simulation to veterans in the simulation world. Each course is designed to teach our students different aspects of simulation that everyone can benefit from.

Our Training Courses

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