The History of AR/VR

AR/VR/MR Virtual Reality is a widespread term that is often misused. This blog will address these errors and explain the categorization of (AR/VR/MR) otherwise known as extended reality (XR). The ‘X’ in XR does not stand for Extended, but rather is a variable, meaning it can be interchanged. The types of Extended reality include augmented…

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Simulators are the Way of the Future

Simulators are the way of the future

Our team members here at AVT Simulation are very knowledgeable in the field of simulation, we have given them the ability to be able to have their voices be heard here on our website. This article is written by a new intern Michael Dooley here at AVT Simulation. Do you want to work with us?…

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How to Build a Simulator – II – Why use Sims to Train?

This post is Part-2 of the “How To Build a Simulator” series. Previously published was the “How To” intro, which includes a summary of the series and a detailed schedule. There are many reasons why simulators are the preferred method of training. Of course, a trainee would love to fly a real Apache or drive…

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Magic Leap and AVT

Magic Leap and AVT Simulation Training Center

What is Magic Leap? Magic leap is a wearable spatial computer, that uses augmented and mixed reality to allow the user to combine the real and virtual worlds. It has a myriad of practical uses for both personal and professional means. AVT Simulation is gaining a better understanding of its seemingly limitless possibilities. Hardware Lightpack…

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How to Build a Simulator Series – Introduction

Ever wonder how extended reality technologies are integrated into simulators? How sims are proposed, delegated, built, used, maintained, and protected? If your answer is yes to any of these, this weekly blog series is the perfect match for you! Intro to Simulators The “How to” series will cover the different categories of simulators as well…

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