AVT-202 Visual Simulation

Do visual system design and synthetic environments, made with image generators, interest you? If you want to learn more about visual simulation enroll now in AVT-202.

Visual Simulation explores Visual System Design and the Synthetic Environment. Visual System Design examines image generation (IGs), image projection, display systems, image alignment, user points of view, and other visual system concepts. The Synthetic Environment introduces computer-generated forces (CGF) and semi-automated forces (SAF), instructor operating station (IOS), and after-action review (AAR) solutions.  Simulation control, scenarios, decision engines, and other ways of controlling what the simulation trainee views during a simulation are reviewed.

Course Objectives

  • Visual System Design
  • Synthetic Environments
  • Image Generation
  • Simulation Control
  • Host/IOS Interfaces
  • Instructor Operating Station


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Some classes will be conducted in fully online synchronous live sessions. Online access details will be provided upon registration. Contact AVT Simulation Training Center for more information.

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