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future of automobiles teslas d1 chip tc

The Future of Automobiles: Tesla’s New D1 Microchip

NVIDIA & Tesla Currently, NVIDIA is the leading GPU and AI microchip manufacturers. However, since 2019 NVIDIA has not received...
future of automobiles: autonomous vehicles and more

The Future of Automobiles: Autonomous Vehicles and More

Recently, we discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. In doing so, we explored...
History of Innovation The Rise Towards AI

The History of Industrial Innovation and Technology

When that first caveman clapped two rocks together, not only did he ignite a fire, but he also ignited a...
What are Cobots? Industrial Automation in Tesla's Gigafactory

What are Cobots? AI & Manufacturing: Industrial Automation in Tesla’s Gigafactory

The integration of AI and machine learning is gaining a strong competitive edge in manufacturing industries around the world. From...
AI in Healthcare The Future of Medicine

AI in Medicine: The Future of Healthcare Technology

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and artificial intelligence (AI) is no exception. With new AI tools popping up...
The Danger of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The Danger of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Its Impact on the Future

In our last blog, we delved deep into the history of Artificial Intelligence, from the Hellenistic period all the way up...

The History of Artificial Intelligence | Its Rise to Consumer Market

In our past three posts on Artificial Intelligence, we have extensively covered all the basics of AI, machine learning, neural...
What is natural language processing?

Natural Language Processing | What is it?

Natural Language Processing Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a computer system’s attempt at understanding verbal human communication/language. Software systems try to...
What is Fuzzy logic?

Fuzzy Logic | What is it?

Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy logic measures truth values and is the contrast to Boolean logic. Boolian Logic In Boolean logic, the variables of...
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