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We have a wide variety of courses to choose from. Whether you are looking for something that will teach you business law or you want to learn the theories behind making simulators - we have the course for you!

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Simulation Overview

Simulation Overview examines the major components of a simulator from a top-level and describes how the components fit together to produce an immersive training solution.  This course targets those who are new to simulator design and development as well as those who are more knowledgeable and are seeking a comprehensive view of the full training solution. General principles of the simulation are studied in this class to include common visual solutions, human-machine interfaces, and aspects of simulation support such as concurrency, maintenance, and security.

Visual Simulation

Visual Simulation explores Visual System Design and the Synthetic Environment. Visual System Design examines image generation (IGs), image projection, display systems, image alignment, user points of view, and other visual system concepts. The Synthetic Environment introduces computer-generated forces (CGF) and semi-automated forces (SAF), instructor operating station (IOS) and after-action review (AAR) solutions.  Simulation control, scenarios, decision engines, and other ways of controlling what the simulation trainee views during a simulation are reviewed.

The Fundamentals of Corporate Practices

This overview explains business law as it applies to Department of Defense contractors. It will help Executives, Contract Managers, and Human Resource representatives make decisions that will minimize corporate risk. We will start with the nature of law, cover crime classifications within the court system, describe constitutional law related to employee actions, investigate the current status of internet/social media law, discuss labor and employment obligations for defense contractors, layout Intellectual Property rights, and wrap up with Contract Legality.

Artifical Intelligence in Simulation

AI in Simulation provides an overview of key topics for understanding and applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in simulation and other use cases. Learn from a multi-disciplinary team of experts with decades of experience applying AI and ML to the military’s hardest problems. The curriculum is designed and taught by industry experts with years of academic, government, and industry experience building human-centered AI for applications in LVC training simulation, autonomy, and decision support

Acquisitions For Your Business

Our government acquisition course equips you with essential skills in acquisitions, business growth, and proposal writing in the government contracting, DoD, and MS&T sectors. Learn to craft successful defense proposals, stay on top of industry trends, and deliver effective contracts with confidence. Boost your professional skills and drive your organization's success with our course.