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Who Are These Classes For?

Our courses are for anyone who wants to learn about modeling and simulation. Our students range from beginners in simulation to veterans in the simulation world. Each course is designed to teach our students different aspects of simulation that everyone can benefit from.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up on the UCF Continuing Education Website using the link here: ENROLL HERE

Or you may sign up through AVT Simulation Training Center Here

How Can I Pay For The Course?

We recommend using your company's training budget. Most companies have a training budget that may go unused or rolls over to the next year. If you feel that you can benefit from attending our courses, ask your HR representative about the course and your yearly training. 

How Long Are The Classes?

Each class is four days long, from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. with sporadic breaks in between the material and an hour lunch break. 

Can I take any of the 200-level classes First?

No. AVT 101: Simulation Overview is the prerequisite to all the 200-level classes. 

Do I pay for my own travel?

Yes. Travel is not provided by the AVT Simulation Training Center. We will, however, provide recommendations on places to stay around us. 

Is this a UCF class?

In a short answer, no. This is an AVT Simulation Training Center class which is taught by AVT Simulation professionals. We are in partnership with the University of Central Florida Division of Continuing Education. 

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