How to Build a Simulator – Part VIII – Conclusion

In the past eight weeks, we have covered the basics of building simulators. If you missed out on any information or want to review, here is a list of the entire “How to” series.

Series List

  • How to Build a Simulator Intro
  • The Lifecycle of a Simulator
    • This first release of the series covered the phases the simulator endures during the planning, building, and installation process.
  • Why Use Sims to Train
    • In this edition we discussed the many reasons why training with a sim is beneficial financially, educationally, and conveniently.
  • Understanding the Differences
    • Here we explained the different types of simulators including DTTs, PTTs, HOTs, and full-flight simulators.
  • Elements
    • This post explained all the elements and components inside flight simulators.
  • Fidelity to Reality
    • Covered the importance of high-fidelity and the simulator’s accuracy to its operational vehicle, as well as the manipulation of our senses to achieve this accuracy.
  • Visual Systems
    • Here we went into the visual systems with further detail, explaining the significance of the IG and databases.
  • Business and Proposals
    • In our last edition, we explained AVT’s departments and proposal process to begin the lifecycle.

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