Our highly specialized instructors are experts in their fields of modeling and simulation. With an average of over 20 years of simulation experience in the modeling, simulation, and training industry, we are some of the top leaders in our industry. 


Our goal is to provide the modeling and simulation industry with well rounded, educated, and highly skilled employees through our courses. 

Our groundbreaking simulation training curriculum is conducted by seasoned leaders with real-world experience in the simulation and training community. Each instructor has a passion for growing our community and sharing their knowledge of training and simulation.


Walt Chambers


Walt Chambers, AVT Simulation's Chief Scientist since 2007, possesses well over 40 years of experience in visual simulation technology. Mr. Chambers holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Marshall University and completed advanced coursework in Physics and Solid-State Electronics at Ohio State University.  

Brian Guise


Dr. Guise has been working in Central Florida Simulation Training Industry for over 35 years. His domain experience includes maintenance trainers, constructive simulations, and networked man-in-the-loop simulation devices. The focus of his master's degree was Discrete Event Simulations, and his Doctorate degree specialization area was Interactive Simulation.

Mike Gilley


A versatile and skilled manager with extensive experience in program and project management including budget and schedule tracking as well as customer requirement reviews and support. With decades of experience in the industry, Mike has excellent hands-on experience managing and developing the production of visual simulation databases, 3D models, and software training systems.

Kenneth Crooks, Esq.


A Florida attorney with over 40 years of experience. Ohio State University Summa Cum Laude, Clerk Justice for Paul Brown of the Ohio Supreme Court, Assistant Brevard County Attorney, Partner of Dean Mead Law Firm, Attorney for St. Lucie County Florida Fire District, now Legal Advisor for AVT Simulation.

Todd Smithey

Training Center Director

Mr. Smithey is the AVT Training Center Manager and Chief Virtual Environment Engineer since 2003. He possesses more than 20 years of experience in managing and developing 3D virtual environments in the simulation and training industry. He is qualified with multi-=engine and instrument ratings

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