Simulators are the Way of the Future

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Here’s Why…

When you hear the word “simulator”, what usually comes to your mind?

Maybe you think about flight simulators that pilots use to practice their aircraft skills. Perhaps the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset which has been a hot item recently comes to mind. Maybe you even think of the super famous Clone Trooper quote uttered in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Whatever it is, chances are that you are familiar with the technology. However, did you know that simulators can be and are more than what I just mentioned?

The Rundown

Simulators have been around for decades. They are a tried and true tool for those who are looking to train for a position that involves high-risk while maintaining a perfectly safe environment.

Putting a new candidate in a safe, controlled environment that mimics the real-life counterpart, allows room for trial-and-error. This enables the trainee to have a “what does this button do?” mentality without the worry of risking their life or a lawsuit. That being said, simulators save lives, but they also save a lot of money. 

The Endless Applications

Simulation technology doesn’t end at military pilot training applications. As time progresses, we are seeing more and more implementation of simulators in the commercial market. For example, in Palm Beach, Florida, police officers are utilizing a training simulator to help them practice scenarios that call for de-escalating a threat.

This allows officers to experience more than 250 scenarios, all of which are closely monitored by instructors who evaluate the officer’s response. But most importantly, this provides high-quality training in a safe environment. Another example lies in the healthcare industry.

Simulators can be a big part of helping to improve the expertise of those working in healthcare. They also improve teamwork skills and confidence when it comes to the real thing. Simulators can play a vital role in educating doctors or anyone else who may play a crucial role in medicine. 

Gun Range Simulator (Source: National Defense Magazine)
Gun Range Simulator (Source: National Defense Magazine)

In Conclusion

While I could go on about how simulation technology is applied to other fields, I believe that there are a few main takeaways that are more important to mention than their applications.

Simulators enable users to experience what-if scenarios in a perfectly safe environment. At the same time, they also save a whole lot of money without having to sacrifice the quality of training. Simulators are not only an ideal way to train, but they are also the way of the future.


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