Augmented Intelligence | What is it?

Artificial vs Augmented Intelligence

The name Artificial intelligence itself is a matter of debate in the technological industries. Many have now begun using the term Augmented Intelligence. This name switch is because some believe that the public’s understanding of the term Artificial Intelligence is too much like that of Sci-Fi pop culture which creates false expectations. And with these false expectations follows disappointment. Even in the face of revolutionary advancements. 

Why Augmented Intelligence?

Using the term, Augmented Intelligence, provides a neutral connotation, lowering expectations. It makes AI sound more realistic in terms of its weak capabilities as it will simply improve products rather than innovate or dominate them. 

Additionally, the same people who use the new phrase delegate the name of Artificial Intelligence to what is known as “True AI” or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). True AI is associated with the technological singularity, the point in technological achievement where the human mind can be downloaded/replicated. 

This possibility can theoretically lead to a future ruled by an artificial superintelligence that surpasses human cognitive abilities. Believers are convinced that the road to AGI consists of cognitive and quantum computing.  

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