Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer (CEVT): Importance & Features

Construction can be a difficult and dangerous job to complete. It requires the use of heavy, expensive equipment which should only be operated by trained professionals. These professionals could practice using the equipment itself, but this would likely elicit unneeded expenses for repairs, difficulties in training, and injury. What would be much better is a construction equipment simulator.

Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer Simulator Commercial

As trainees use operational equipment for training, the equipment will eventually wear and tear from over and improper use. Also, the equipment itself is not be available for use during training.

Most of the difficulties in training come from these vehicles only having enough room for the operator. It is often difficult for the instructor to educate the trainee while they are operating the equipment. Therefore, it is much easier to train using a simulator in a proper educational setting where the instructor can see over the trainee’s shoulder and can communicate effectively.


The Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer (CEVT) is to both train Soldiers upon initial entry and transition from the classroom to actual equipment by proving a null risk training environment. CEVT will provide high-fidelity, challenging training using simulated terrain and movement characteristics that enable the student to transfer motor-skills from simulators to construction equipment. CEVT allows Soldiers to perform construction tasks that vary from leveling earth to excavating a trench, from constructing a stockpile to loading a hauling unit.

Construction Equipment Simulator Features

Dynamic Terrain

This allows the instructor operator and the trainee to physically see and interact with heightened and lowered terrain using vehicles such as the grader, scraper, and dozer. 

The Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer (CEVT) Simulator Student Training Station (STS) and Instructor Operator Station (IOS)

Using AVT’s dynamic terrain software, the student and the instructor are able to use the vehicles e.g. the Dozer and while operating they are able to see not only the contents which they are pushing but also the vehicle tracks, different grades of the soil, compacted terrain, and uncompacted terrain. When doing leveling operations (grading) any excess material in the blade will move along the blade and create a window to the side of the blade as one would expect. 

Motion Platform

With the use of a motion platform with three degrees of freedom, the simulator can pitch forward and backward, roll/tilt to the left and right, and heave up and down. It can also vibrate to simulate the response of no-load engine idle conditions. 

Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer (CEVT) motion platform system

The motion platform receives inputs from the variant’s physics model to give feedback to the operator. In this manner, the platform will roll, pitch, and heave appropriately depending on the movements in the simulated vehicle.

When the simulated vehicle interacts with objects in the terrain the effects of these interactions are mapped to movements on the platform (e.g. pushing the bucket of an excavator into the ground, will lift the tracks off the ground and the motion platform will pitch/roll accordingly).

Scenario Design

Scenarios specify the vehicle, the terrain, the steps the student must perform, the prompts that should be displayed, and the scoring scheme that should be used in the grading score. This system allows for self-explanatory courseware and easily estimating where the trainee’s abilities are lacking or improving.

System Reconfigurability

Reconfigurability gives the instructor the option to remove the entire vehicle cab and all its controls to reinstall another vehicle cab containing entirely different controls. 

By providing a way to remove the entire vehicle cab and all controls from the motion base and reinstall another vehicle cab containing entirely different controls the instructor and student can experience multiple platforms very quickly. 

This process allows two people to reconfigure the simulator from one vehicle variant to another in less than 5 minutes, vastly outperforming the CEVT reconfiguration requirement of 60 minutes or less.

Vehicle Dynamics

These software components have similar inputs and outputs as their real-world counterparts in order to simulate a particular machine’s behavior as accurately as possible.

Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer Simulator and AVT

AVT is excited and determined to provide our customers with the best product possible to fill all requirements and needs. Our integration process ensures only the most efficient and cost-effective components are used for the satisfaction of our customers.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide Army Engineers with a training solution that will increase their readiness. We look forward to working with our extremely competent and proven teammate, 5DT, to deliver this capability to the Soldier. As they say at Ft. Leonard Wood – Essayons!”

Kevin Vizzarri, Vice President of Business Development at AVT equipment virtual trainer


In conclusion, the Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer Simulator represents a significant advancement in the field of construction training. By offering a sophisticated, risk-free training solution, CEVT not only enhances the safety and efficiency of training programs but also significantly reduces the costs associated with equipment wear and tear. This innovative simulator prepares operators for real-world scenarios, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle construction equipment safely and effectively. With its cutting-edge features and realistic simulation capabilities, the construction equipment simulator sets a new standard in the training of construction professionals, reaffirming AVT Simulation’s commitment to delivering high-quality, effective training solutions.

Key Points:

  • Importance of risk-free, realistic training environments.
  • Features like dynamic terrain, motion platform, scenario design, system reconfigurability, and accurate vehicle dynamics.
  • Reduction of costs and enhancement of safety in training.
  • AVT Simulation’s dedication to high-quality training solutions.

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  • Construction equipment simulator
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