Cross reality | What is it?

Cross Reality (XR) Explanation

Cross Reality (XR)

Cross reality is similar to Mixed reality, but it also refers to the combination of VR/AR/AV/MR technologies in unison. As well as the interaction between the real and virtual world.

To clarify, it will allow the user to manipulate assets within the virtual world to affect something in the real world rather than the two forms of reality being completely separate.

Graph of the Virtual Continuum 
(Cross Reality in Green)
Graph of the Virtual Continuum

For example, in the virtual world, there could be a button that, when pressed, triggers something in the real world. Cross reality can also map out the area you are in using spatial awareness and alter it to avoid bumping into unseen obstacles.

In essence, this is the interaction between, and a combination of, extended realities. It is the crossing and overlapping of realities. The acronym for Cross Reality is XR, which is the same for Extended reality which we will discuss next.

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