Ground Vehicle Simulation: What is it?

Ground Vehicle Simulation is the creation of a synthetic environment for the purpose of training Warfighters on how to operate certain wheeled vehicles. Examples include construction equipment, or military-grade vehicles like the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) or its predecessor, the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).

AVT Simulation Ground Vehicle Simulator Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT PDSS) (CCTT) Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer (CEVT)  RVTT Army
The RVTT Ground Vehicle Trainer

Cost & Safety of Ground Vehicle Simulation

These Ground Vehicle Simulators are integral in the training of warfighters. It is less costly, less dangerous, and more efficient to use Ground Vehicle Simulators. When warfighters train with a simulator’s operational vehicle (OV) they might as well be throwing away money. In doing so, the Warfighter is wasting expensive ammunition while also creating mileage and wear. The untrained Warfighter is also very susceptible to making mistakes. This can lead to the OV’s damage or even destruction in worst-case scenarios. The Warfighter might also damage the surrounding environment. More importantly, these mistakes may not only lead to the damage or destruction of the vehicles but also the Warfighters themselves.


The fact that simulators are proven to be cheaper and safer than training in OVs is enough to say that they are more efficient alone. But there is also the factor of culture shock. Transitioning from the classroom to the field can be quite a change that most are uncomfortable with. By adding this preliminary stage of simulation training between the classroom and the field, warfighters are much more able to grow accustomed to the intensity of the tasks they need to perform.

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