How Simulation Changes Training

Simulation is a major part of everyday training in the military now, with the different kinds of simulators available; anything can be possible. Even though Augmented and Virtual reality is just now making their footprint in the simulator world, it is now on the come up for being some of the most widely used displays for simulators and 3D devices.

The History

The first attempt at getting a glance at the VR experience was performed by Morton Heilig in the 1950s, who came up with the concept known as the Sensorama. However, his 3D device was used in a chair, with speakers and a small generator, not nearly as accessible as some of the hardware we use today. Unlike Virtual reality, augmented reality combines your environmental surroundings AND virtual through its simulation. There are more opportunities to have a more interactive experience with augmented reality since you can see beyond the screen and back into your reality; while still being able to see the augmented reality through the headset device you will be able to see things like your hand or the ground beneath you rather than just a screen through simulation.

The Future

Nonetheless, the world of technological realities and simulations will forever be changed. We keep making incredibly fast advances in simulation in video games and simulation in training. People can use simulation devices to go and ‘visit’ places they have always wanted to travel to. They are able to teach people how to build a car, or even learn how to stitch up a wound. The possibilities of this new reality with simulators have created remarkable, yet achievable feats. Individuals who have been incapable of improving their way of life have found ways to experience being a little different. Due to these advancements in the new era of Virtual and Augmented reality in simulators they are able to.

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