Walt Chambers & Simulation

The History of Walt Chambers

Since he entered the simulation and technology field in 1961, Walt Chambers has continuously pushed forth new advancements and innovative ideas for not only AVT Simulation but for the entire simulation community as a whole. After earning a Bachelor of Science Engineering degree at Marshall University, Walt continued his studies in advanced coursework in Physics, Optics, and Solid-State Electronics at Ohio State University, UCLA, and Michigan State. Initially, Walt had picked a career in microelectronics research for the Air Force in Ohio; he continued with that job until 1965 when he began testing nuclear weapons for the Navy in Hawaii. Finally, in 1968, Walt decided to change his field from assisting the Navy to helping both the Navy and Army in Orlando, Florida, with training research.

AVT has had the privilege of working with Walt since 2007. AVT Simulation has heeded his advice on the most challenging parts of our operations. Walt included that his main struggle in the Simulation field was during the ’60s and ’70s when the technology was far less advanced. He had to assess every mistake, understand what the error was, and create a solution. During this time, Walt was working in the Naval Visual Simulation Research Lab., where there were “more failures than successes.” Although this was a challenging time for Walt and his field choice, he was more than grateful for that opportunity to be taught at a “nitty-gritty level.”

Advice from Walt-

“Simulators for training are very complex, involving interacting with many different technical disciplines and specialty areas. Initially, you will be good and gain experience in one or two of these areas. But you must learn enough about all of them to understand how you depend on others. They depend on you to have a successful system. Eventually, you may grow into management. But if you want to continue to be technically relevant, you need to be a specialist in some or one area of simulation or technology that you are interested enough or enjoy enough to want to know more about than anyone else in your work situation.”

-Walt Chambers

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