Weak AI/Strong AI | What is it?

There are two types of AI: weak AI and strong AI.

Weak Artificial Intelligence

Weak, sometimes called narrow, AI is less intelligent as it cannot work without human interaction and focuses on a more narrow, specific, or niched purpose. Some consider narrow AI as a subset of weak AI, further limiting the capabilities of what can be called ‘narrow AI’. 

Narrow AI mimics human cognition but lacks consciousness while narrow AI simply uses natural language processing and data analysis to produce responses to actions or questions. 

This means, Weak AI can gather information and make predictions, but it does not comprehend reality or its own existence. 

Applications of Weak AI

Weak AI is good for tedious, repetitive, time-consuming tasks and analyzing large amounts of data quickly. Weak AI includes chatbots like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa and recommendation algorithms for shopping or entertainment. 

Strong Artificial Intelligence

Strong AI on the other hand is in fact comparable to the fictitious AIs we see in media like the terminator. The theoretical Strong AI would be equivalent or greater to human intelligence.

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