What is a Visual System in Simulation?

What is a Visual System?

A Visual System provides the Out-the-Window (OTW) visual scene for the simulated vehicle operator.

How does Visual System work?

There are 3 major parts.

  • Terrain and moving model databases are developed and stored in computer memory.
  • An image generator computes a perspective scene of the terrain through modeling. With this, it adds weather such as clouds, storms, fog, rain, smoke, and other features such as tracers and explosions.
  • A display provides the computed image to the operator. But only if they are aligned in a proper perspective providing a specific field of view, resolution, brightness, and contrast. The image is computed and displayed at a rate, such as 60 fps, to appear as a smooth-moving scene.
AVT Simulation Visual System Engineering What is a Visual System in Simulation

Want to learn more about the Visual System for Simulation? In AVT 101: Simulation Overview and AVT 202: Visual Simulation you will learn the basics of the Visual System. From Input and Output and display types to human perception and field-of-view.

Our series of four-day courses with the AVT Simulation Training Center provides a sequenced learning experience, starting with AVT 101: Simulation Overview and transitioning into multi-faceted and increasingly complex concepts such as visual system design, human perceptions, the simulated environment, control loading, and motion base, visual database and modeling, integration, installation, verification, and validation.

What Does AVT Simulation do with Visual Systems?

Visual system upgrades for the Simulation and Training market have been one of AVT’s core capabilities since its founding in 1998. Projects have ranged from complete visual system replacements, subsystem replacements, and single component replacement or additions. AVT has the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) related to earlier versions as well as the latest technology available in visual systems capabilities for obsolescence and technology refresh upgrades and enhanced capabilities additions.

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Initially, Applied Visual Technology Inc., AVT has been developing modeling and simulation expertise through engineering services since 1998. This is due to our founder who has accumulated over 30 years of military MS&T expertise in aviation applications. Nonetheless, everyone at AVT specializes in making old training systems new again and making new ones for less. Consequently, for 20 years AVT has served our Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine customers by providing the highest quality of service and solutions. Following its inception, AVT’s highly specialized staff of engineers has included some of the top leaders in the simulation industry. With over 20 years of simulation experience, our dedicated team provides specialized solutions for customers with complex problems.