What is a Simulation Motion Platform?

Walt Chambers, AVT Simulation’s Head Scientist explains in a snippet of what it is like to take the AVT Simulation Training Center class, AVT 101: Simulation Overview what a motion platform is.

Motion Systems

The motion systems provide movement and forces on the vehicle operator. This gives feedback on how the vehicle is responding to control movements, air turbulence, and terrain roughness.

Several methods can be used to provide these motion cues. Including using a motion system platform to move the whole cockpit or cab. Another is a motion seat to move and pressure the operator’s body parts. Vibrator devices for high-frequency low amplitude shaking or buzzing cues also provide effective motion cues.

The Motion System can provide movement in all of the six degrees of freedom (DOF): three rotational degrees of freedom (roll, pitch, yaw), and three translational or linear degrees of freedom (surge, heave, sway). Watch this video on simulator motion platforms to learn more.

Simulation Overview examines the major components of a simulator from a top-level and describes how the components fit together to produce an immersive training solution.  

This course targets those who are new to simulator design and development as well as those who are more knowledgeable and are seeking a comprehensive view of the full training solution. General principles of the simulation are studied in this class to include; common visual solutions, human-machine interfaces, and aspects of simulation support such as concurrency, maintenance, and security.

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