How to Build a Simulator Series – Introduction

Ever wonder how extended reality technologies are integrated into simulators? How sims are proposed, delegated, built, used, maintained, and protected? If your answer is yes to any of these, this weekly blog series is the perfect match for you!

Intro to Simulators

The “How to” series will cover the different categories of simulators as well as their entire life-cycle.

The series will also discuss the importance of sims and how perception is the key to an effective trainer. From the components to the software to the business, this series has it all.

The Schedule for all upcoming “How to” posts is as follows:

*All Scheduled Blogs are currently posted and available for viewing*

  1. The Life-Cycle of a Simulator
    • Wednesday, June 10th
  2. Benefits of Simulation
    • Wednesday, June 17th
  3. Understanding the Differences
    • Wednesday, June 24th
  4. Elements
    • Wednesday, June 1st
  5. Fidelity to Reality
    • Wednesday, July 8th
  6. Visual Systems
    • Wednesday, July 15th
  7. Business and Proposals
    • Wednesday, July 22nd
  8. Conclusion
    • Wednesday, July 29th

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