“Bard” or “Bum”? | Google’s Big Twitter Fail

On Feb 6th, after Google Bard AI’s initial announcement, Google released a quick GIF of Bard’s API. The question asked was, “What new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope can I tell my 9 year old about?” and Bard responded with the age-old, two truths and a lie. Twitter Renowned Astrophysicist, Grant Tremblay, responded…

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What is Bard AI? Google’s Big Rival to ChatGPT

Google just announced a new AI conversation language model called “Bard” Earlier today, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, released a message under the company news section of the Google blog site. In it, Pichai announced Bard AI, something he defines as an “experimental conversational AI service”. The CEO stated that Google sees it…

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The Future of Automobiles: Automated Truck Platooning

Another brilliant use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) currently in the testing phase is truck platooning for shipping purposes. A truck platoon is a caravan or grouping of semi-trucks, buses, or vans that are all leaving from and arriving at the same locations. Like automated cars, truck platoons can either be fully or semi-automated. However, presently,…

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The Future of Automobiles: Tesla’s New D1 Microchip

NVIDIA & Tesla Currently, NVIDIA is the leading GPU and AI microchip manufacturers. However, since 2019 NVIDIA has not received any business from Tesla and will not in future. While Tesla is simply an automotive company, its processes are far from simple as its aim is to be seen as a tech giant. Tesla’s CEO…

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The Future of Automobiles: Autonomous Vehicles and More

future of automobiles: autonomous vehicles and more

Recently, we discussed how artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. In doing so, we explored modern hospitals along with the Tesla Gigafactory. In this series, however, we are pulling out of the Gigafactory in our brand-new semi-autonomous Tesla for a quality assurance test and to review all applications of AI…

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The History of Industrial Innovation and Technology

History of Innovation The Rise Towards AI

When that first caveman clapped two rocks together, not only did he ignite a fire, but he also ignited a technical revolution. From there came cooking, smelting, tools, wheels, agriculture, civilization, and finally the digital age. Let us discuss this evolution of advances in technology and where it has led us. The Steam Engine 1698…

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